No Pain

No pain.” Sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it. Or, does it?


Right now I have no pain on the upper side of my right jaw and right cheek. You know the feeling. You’ve been there too.


When the filling in my tooth was being repaired and the cavity that was starting was being taken care of this morning, it was good to only hear the sound of the drill and not feel its impact.


But on the other hand, the inside of my right cheek will have some issues once the deadening wears off. I can already tell that I am biting into that cheek even though I’m trying to make a conscious effort to avoid it.


None of us like pain, but sometimes it is a good thing. As a matter of fact, to be without pain can be a dangerous thing.


God intended for us to feel pain. He gave us a nervous system to warn us of things we are doing which would cause us to be physically hurt.


He also gave us pain indicators for our soul. We call it a conscience. It creates warnings called shame, guilt, fear, etc. Those warning signals can create all kinds of reactions in our thoughts and lives.


Those warning signals are not to be ignored nor masked. We need to be aware of them and learn why we are having them so we can heed God’s warning and find out what to do about them.


God’s word is the perfect explainer of our spiritual pain.