We Are A Family

“When a brother meets sorrow, we all feel his grief! When he has passed through the valley, we all feel relief! Together in sunshine, together in rain! Together in victory! Through His precious name.”
Do you remember all the sorrows you have had in your life? Who was standing beside you? If you are a parent, who was with you during the birth of your child? If you are married, who was there with you celebrating that big day? We all have friends, some closer than others, some even closer than blood relatives. Solomon says something about that in Proverbs 18:24.

God chose the church to be a source of comfort. God made the church to be the source of encouragement when we need some. God made the Church to be that. We are a family that stays together. The church is the family that prevails together-In the midst of temptation and in the midst of sin is when our brothers and sisters need us the most. It is in those times that we have the opportunity to be that helping hand. In that moment we need to be the shoulder for them to rely, because pain, temptations and struggles are temporary. When we stand together in the middle of struggles, we will stand together in victory… if we stand with Christ. Let’s show the love of Jesus to all our brothers and sisters, especially when they need us the most.