I replaced our smoke alarms yesterday. I smoked the kitchen up pretty good last weekend when the pizza I was cooking dripped cheese to the bottom of the oven. The silent smoke alarm caused me to run a test and it failed the test.

The Bible warns us often about being on our guard and making sure we do not fail the test.

The New American Standard Bible will translate four different Greek words in the New Testament with the English word “guard.”

Blepo—to see, understand, be aware of. In Mark 13:9 Jesus tells his disciples to “be on their guard” concerning the things they will suffer in following him.

Phulasso—guard, protect, watch over, observe. We are to guard ourselves from every form of greed. Elders are to guard the flock. Timothy was told to guard what was entrusted to him. We are to guard that we are not carried away by unprincipled people.

Phroureo—guard, keep watch over, keep under control, restrain. The peace of God will guard, keep under control or restrain us (Phil. 4:7)

Prosecho—give heed to, pay attention to. Guard or pay attention to this. If your brother sins, rebuke him, if he repents, forgive him. Also pay attention to yourself that you are not weighted down by drunkenness or the cares of this life.

We must keep guard over ourselves to make sure we do not fail the test.