A Poem

Thomas Watson Lee has been visiting with us at Riverchase the past few weeks. If you attend our 10:30 worship service you have probably seen him.

This past Sunday, Thomas handed me a poem he had written. His inspiration for the poem was the dust he saw collecting on his old, small print Bible after his daughter had given him a new Bible with larger print. He has given me permission to share it.

The Bible
By Thomas Watson Lee

The Bible
It’s our connection with God. It tells us of the beginning,
It tells us of the end,
It tells us how the Christ Lord died on the cross to save us from our sins.
It can ease our suffering
It can cut like a two edge sword
It’s the finest reading
You will not be bored.
But wait!
What’s that I see?
Dust on my Bible!
What does this say about ME?

Thanks for sharing with us, Thomas.