We Are Family

We’re part of the family, that’s been born again; Part of the family whose love knows no end; For Jesus has saved us, and made us His own, Now were part of the family, that’s on it’s way home.” 2011 Hymlyrics.org


That hymn is one of my favorites. The first time I heard it was in Texas at a big congregation. They loved to sing that song at least once a month. This songs reminds me of my role in the Church family. I’m a brother in Christ, so what is my role as a brother? Here are some things that this song makes me realize.


I’m the brother. I’m not in charge of the discipline, but my father is (Hebrews 12:6). Sometimes I think of myself as the big brother who needs to take care of the little ones but caring is not having to punish them. Caring is warning them so they don’t do harm. Caring is comforting when they actually do harm to themselves. Caring is loving.


If you have had an older sibling you know how annoying they can be when they try to boss you around. When they try to tell you what you need to do and sometimes that list includes their chores. I grew up with six older siblings and one younger. What they did to me, I did to the youngest. I bossed her around, and I told her we found her at the city dump. The list could go on.


We as brothers and sisters in Christ need to take care of each other. We’re not always going to do what we are supposed to do. In fact, WE don’t always do what WE need to. Our job is to love them and care for them when they need us. More next week.