This past weekend, we had a small group leaders’ retreat at Hargis Christian Retreat Center, and it was full of energy, adventure, focus, distraction, and a time to create a masterpiece. We sang, got extremely distracted by a mouse running across the floor, attempted to refocus, but we were unsuccessful for a period of time. All I heard were a bunch of squealy screams and in unison, all human legs were raised into their chairs. I was the only one standing and a bit freaked out, because I was the one closest to the door where the mouse was seen. It was gonna get me first. Thank goodness for Tyler O’Clair, who volunteered for “Mouse Watch and Bouncer.” We never saw it again, but we struggled to regain focus.
That is how our lives are, so often. We have grand plans to accomplish each day, but we get distracted by things and people, at times. Remember that plans are the starting point, but when distractions come, sometimes we need to adjust and adapt. Some of God’s greatest creations came when distractions came. Think of how many souls were touched and healed by Jesus throughout his journey of life. The man lowered through the roof, woman at the well, woman who anointed his feet with her tears, demon possessed man in the cemetery, and the list goes on and on and on. How did Jesus deal with distractions? He stopped and created a masterpiece. Why? The distractions were not a distraction to him, they were a soul in need of a Savior. Their value is priceless. We had 5 minutes each to create. Think of what we can do in a lifetime.