We learn stories of Daniel from an early age. His night in the den of lions is certainly a favorite.

Do you remember the events that led to that night?

Daniel had survived with honor the final days of the Babylonian empire and he would flourish under the new government of Darius the Mede.

Darius appointed 120 officials to rule over his kingdom. He appointed three administrators over those 120 officials. Daniel was one of those three.

Daniel so distinguished himself that King Darius planned to set him over the whole kingdom. Learning about the king’s plans, the other administrators and officials tried to find charges to bring against Daniel. They had one motive, to bring him down in the eyes of King Darius. Sounds like politics today, doesn’t it?

They tried to find charges against him in the way he conducted himself with the government affairs. Instead they found no corruption in him because he was trustworthy and neither corrupt nor negligent.

His enemies could have learned from this and understood why Darius was promoting Daniel and even used his example as a pattern to improve themselves. But they did not. They were not interested in improving, they wanted to destroy.

So they found their charge in the way Daniel worshipped God.

I often wonder how I would fare if strong, powerful and influential enemies were determined to destroy my reputation? I hope I would do like Daniel and hold to my trust in God no matter what came.