Comfort and Convenience

This past Sunday afternoon I spent some quality time in Nashville, TN with my family, a host of recovering drug addicts, and a multitude of others who have compassion to help those in active addiction.
Sunday was open house for Stepping Stones Recovery Retreat Center. The Mission: to help men uncover, discover, and recover. So many prayers, so much planning, and God putting the right people in place to make this happen. Several months ago, Sean (my brother-in-law…I just call him brother) and his recovery center partner traveled around Nashville looking for property and the picture is what they found carved into the barn door on the site. It may not mean much to you, but it certainly did to them. AA and a cross. Sometimes we struggle to understand how God is answering our prayers. This was not one of those cases. Sean came home and discussed “the finding” with his wife and my sister, Paige. Sean was struggling with these decisions and didn’t know if he wanted to continue in the drug treatment industry (He was pitching a fit, lol). Paige’s response: “We don’t get to choose. We are here to fulfill the role that God assigns us.”

Allow that to soak in a while.

That week, God answered prayers. Contracts were signed. Renovations began. Blessings Continue.

We all have doubts from time to time. We all fear what lies ahead from time to time. We enjoy being comfortable and enjoy scheduling things at our convenience.

I could not be more grateful to have the family (biologically and spiritually) that I do. Family that makes me proud, spiritually inspires and keeps me connected to what eternally matters.

Colossians 3:1-17