“Dead” Bonsai

The last time our family went to Disneyworld, Jackson “had” to have a Bonsai tree. He spent his hard earned money and made sure that they wrapped it up perfectly for the trip home. He carried that thing around like it was a newborn baby. He protected it at all costs. He would peek into the box every few minutes to make sure it had plenty of Oxygen. It survived the trip, and he chose the perfect spot for it on the edge of his desk, next to his window in his room. About a week later, it died…so we thought. Not a leaf was on it, bugs were swarming the roots and the bark was exfoliating. Little Bonsai sat there for over a month, because he didn’t have the heart to throw it away.
Jackson shared the heartbreaking story with Matha Waddell. Matha asked if she could try and nurse it back to health. Jackson brought it to her that day. Look at the results after 3 months of daily care.
Change the scene from Bonsai to Sin in our life…
How could the unbelievable occur? Sometimes when death (sin) threatens us at every turn, we MUST change our environment. So often, we simply stare at sin and do nothing radical against it. I could only imagine the care and attention Matha Waddell has spent with that Bonsai Tree. Nursing anything back to health is a daily job, hourly job, minute to minute job. Jesus is the doctor that is capable of healing, forgiving, and providing. We just have to make the move of surrender and say, “I can’t do this on my own anymore. I need help.”
Read and study the verses below. We serve an awesome God. Challenge this week: Love Him in everything.

Luke 7:22; Psalm 136; Luke 15:7; John 8:1-12