Clothed with Christ

This past Sunday in our 6th grade class we discussed a very important topic that Paul was addressing with the Galatian church. Many of the Jews at the time were having a hard time accepting salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and were trying to add requirements from the Law of Moses. Paul’s narrative was convicting for the Jews in the first century and even for Christians today.

First, Paul was astonished that the Christians were so quickly deserting the Gospel of Christ for another message. He reminded them that anyone who preached another gospel other than Jesus Christ was to be cursed! That strong language is our warning that we must preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all honestly as God has delivered to us.

Next, Paul also had to call out Peter for falling into this trap. You know, the one who denied Jesus and was fearless in proclaiming the Gospel at the beginning of acts. Even with all the “knowledge” we may possess of the Bible, we must always DO what God SAYS.

So how does clothed with Christ have anything to do with this conversation? Paul says “those who have been baptized INTO Christ have been CLOTHED with Christ”. The Galatians were trying to clothe themselves with works of the Law and that just does not work. Once we sin, that’s it, we deserve punishment. Thankfully, we don’t have to remain separated from God.

We discussed in class how many professions can be recognized just by their uniforms. The same is when we clothe ourselves with Christ. When we are clothed with Christ, the world will see Jesus in our life. Most importantly, at the judgment seat in front of God, He will see Christ and his perfection, not our sin. He gave us that clothing because he took our punishment on the cross. We can’t do anything to earn that clothing, all we have to do is put it on in faith.

We’ve seen a few this week put on that Clothing. Maria, Breanna and Dylan because of their faith clothed themselves with Jesus Christ in baptism. Pray for them as they start their walk of faith in Christ!