Do You Love Me?

John 21:15-17

How do you know you are loved? How do you know people love you? Is it something they do? Is it something they say? I was thinking about this question based on my reading this week from John Chapter 21. When Jesus asked Peter three times, do you love me? At the end of the third question Peter was grieved that he didn’t know how to answer.

I want you to put yourself in the place of Peter and see how you would respond to Jesus. Pretend Jesus is asking you that question, do you love me? How would you answer? I did this, and I can tell you it made me think of my answer. I know I love Jesus. I’m trying really hard to do what he says. Sometimes I try to do the things that other people may not find easy to do. But the question is do I really love him? Or do I do things for Him?

I don’t think we are going to explore everything in this article, but I will tell you, loving Jesus is more than just coming to church on Sundays. Although that is very important, I mean that is extremely important. Loving Jesus is more than just thinking how good he is, although that is important as well. I want to encourage you to find ways to show Jesus you love him.