An Opportunity

As long time supporters of the Ryali Church of Christ, the Bud & Joy Children’s Home, and the preacher’s training school in Ryali, India, you are no doubt aware of the good work that is directed by Christ’s good and faithful servant, PSR Jaya Paul. Through our various contacts, we have been made aware of some fairly significant needs at the Ryali complex. These include, but are not limited to, the purchase of an adjacent property for a children’s playground and the construction of a new boys’ dormitory.

In order for the school to maintain a certain certification in India, they must demonstrate access to a playground. Furthermore, it is our understanding that there currently is no place for the boys to sleep, so a new dormitory is desired. My parents – the late Wendell and Evelyn Kelley – established a trust upon their deaths entitled the “KELLEY FAMILY CHRISTIAN CHARITABLE FOUNDATION.” My 4 brothers (Jeff, David, Alan and Steve) and I are the trustees. Among other things, we have decided that the Trust will match donations to the effort in Ryali up to $25,000 for the expressed purpose of purchasing this land and/or constructing the dormitory. Therefore, through this initiative, we are hoping to raise a total of at least $50,000.

If you would like to individually take part in this fund-raising matching initiative, please write a check to the “Riverchase Church of Christ” and in the memo write “Ryali c/o John Kelley.” Just to clarify, if you donate $100, your donation will effectively be increased to $200 due to the matching from the aforementioned foundation. If possible, please complete your donations by July 31 so that we can get the project(s) moving. Thank you for all that you do in support of the church. In Jaya Paul’s words “…it is very kind of you to help us in our efforts to care for the needy, poor and orphan kids and bring them up as good Christians, and we are very happy for your great love, concern, partnership, and fellowship in this Ryali area Lord’s work, and the entire noble task. Our Lord will surely bless us all and enable us to save more souls through all of our Trainee Preachers from our Wendell J. Bible School and our team Gospel work in Ryali a