Giving Your All

If you ever want a life lesson handed to you, just spend a few Sunday nights teaching the Adventure Club. These little ones have life in the palm of their hand. They handle situations in ways that I only wish I could. My prayer is that these little guys will always keep their heart close to Jesus. My prayer is that they will always have the genuineness of love that they show to those around them.
This past Sunday night, one of our Adventure Club kids brought a handful of coins. These coins are put into the collection plate and then passed on to Por Los Ninos at the end of the year. We raise an amazing $150, one quarter at a time. As time to pass around the collection plate approached, this little girl noticed that the kid next to her did not have any coins to put into the collection plate. She gave one of her coins to this kid. A few minutes later she noticed another kid with nothing to put into the plate. She gave that kid one of her coins. Throughout class she did this over and over again until she had nothing left to give herself. She had given away all her coins. When prompted about how nice that was to give her coins away, she just smiled, blushed and looked down, not wanting any credit. This little girl had given all that she had so that others could have something of value.
I am reminded of the song written in 1865 that goes like this:
Jesus paid it all,
All to him I owe,
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.

I am so thankful that Jesus was not stingy with His love. I am so thankful that Jesus was not afraid of the sacrifice. I am so thankful that Jesus passed His quarter to me. I am so thankful that Jesus gave His all.