Circle of Life

A couple of weeks ago we were in Nashville to see our granddaughter’s, Elsie, in her school’s performance of “The Lion King.” We heard again, the song, “Circle of Life.”

It really is a circle in many ways. I was thinking about one of those ways. We come from God and we return to God.

Saturday, May 7, would be Cathy’s birthday. She would be 66. But she isn’t. She is no longer bound by time. No longer bound by days, months, seasons and years. No longer troubled by the things of this life. She waits in peaceful rest for the day she lived for all of her life.

In March of 2009, Larry, Gary, Keith and I lost our Dad. Our Mom lost her husband. In June of the same year, I lost my wife. Mom lost her husband and I lost my wife for ever, at least in the since of husband and wife as we know it in this life. We wait to see the new and greater relationship God has in mind for us in the new heaven and the new earth.

I have memories of Dad and especially Cathy which are my constant companions. Some make me sad. Some make me laugh. But the memory on this day brings strong encouragement from two people who journeyed this circle of life as it was intended.

They came from God, and they have returned to God, as all of us will do. But the difference in people is in how well we listen and submit to God during the journey of that circle of life. And, oh, how they listened.

I have been, and continue to be, blessed with people who show me the way to walk this circle of life to please the One who brought me here and the One to whom I am returning.