We all have one. This is not a shameless attempt to get you to recognize mine. Just some thoughts I wanted to share that are true for all of us.

I was born at a specific point in history, May 10, 1949, to be exact. I have lived as a part of this world’s history for 67 brief years now. The words of a song sung by Garth Brooks have come to mean a lot to me. “I’m glad I didn’t know, how it all would go. I could have missed the pain but I’d have had to miss the dance.” I count myself blessed beyond measure.

History and reality did not begin at my birth. I was born into a world with centuries of history. History that would have tremendous impact on my life.

I was impacted by parents who were impacted by a World War and a Great Depression. I came to understand their patriotism, work ethic and attitude towards money better as I learned the history.

I was not born with a knowledge of this history. It had to be taught to me. I had to learn it and learn from it.

I was born in the United States of America. A country whose greatness I took for granted through my parents eyes until I learned the history for myself. It is the reason why my greatest fear for our country today is our movement away from the principles upon which she was founded.

God’s revelation of Himself to all of us had already been completed hundreds of years before I was born. It was completed in Jesus Christ who gave to me and all of us the greatest gift we can ever receive. I didn’t know about it when I was born. I had to be taught. I had to learn. I’m still learning and will continue to learn for as long as I live.

Because of Him, every birthday is one year closer to the hope He has made possible.