Weather Watcher

I admit it. I’m a weather watcher, especially when I have something planned to do outside. I even have my little rain gauge to tell me about how the weather has been, and my little outdoor thermometer to send a radio signal inside the house to tell me the current temperature outside.

I could see myself setting up one of those weather stations in my yard.

Jesus talked about the weather watchers of his day. They did a pretty good job of reading the weather indicators, but a very poor job of reading the indicators of more important matters.

Watching the weather has very little, if any, importance in the things that matter.

But watching myself has been a warning from God since creation. Watching myself has eternal consequences.

Am I watching to make sure I am constantly and continually “about my Father’s business” as Jesus was?

Am I watching the path I’m walking to make sure I stay on the straight and narrow path of God’s will and truth?

Do I give all diligence to watch my heart and mind because from my thoughts and desires come all of the issues of life?

Do I watch myself to make sure that every part of me is being offered as a sacrifice to God in order to do his will?

I need to be a watcher, but of more important things than the weather.