The Victory Is God’s

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD. (Prov. 21:31 NIV)

The wisdom and truth of this verse is etched into our minds in the stories of God’s activity among humanity and we are given reminders of it in everyday life.

Joshua chapter 10 is one such story. Twelve territorial kings are defeated by Israel in one campaign. I’m not sure how long the campaign took, but in the one campaign twelve territorial or city kings are defeated. Five of those kings were in one battle.

It looks as if Israel has done it, but they know they have not done it on their own. All the nations around them trembled at the power of Israel’s God because of the victories God was giving to them.

Just to make sure they understand God’s absolute involvement in Israel’s victories, there is the matter of the hailstones which fell from the sky and killed more of the enemies than the Israelites did with their swords. And then again, there is the “little matter” of the sun standing still in the sky for about an entire day.

Add to this chapter the time David, as a youth, faces and defeats the giant warrior, Goliath, with the words, “Today the Lord will deliver you into my hand.”

The greatest of all victories is Jesus’ victory over the power of death. Because of His victory, we will have our victory over death and sin through Him.

The victory over all things belongs to the Lord, and to all who live in Him.