Pretty Easter Eggs

When I was a kid, I loved Easter. I loved decorating eggs. I loved hiding eggs. I loved hunting eggs. I loved eating the eggs. When I was a kid there were no Easter egg decorating kits like you can buy at Walmart. When I was a kid, you had a six pack of food dye. You took a bowl of water and added two drops of dye to the water. You used a teaspoon to gently lower the egg into the water being careful not to let the egg roll off the spoon. Some eggs you would dip half way into one color dye and the dip the other end into another color of dye.
The goal was to have the best decorated egg. The goal was to have the egg that was so beautiful that everyone wanted to find it.
Being the mischievous boy that I was, I was always looking for a joke to play on someone. I remember once taking a raw egg and decorating it to the beauty of all the other eggs in my basket. I couldn’t wait for someone to find this egg. It was going to be awesome to see the face of the person who cracked this egg. Little would they know of the impending mess that would be found inside.
From the outside, all the eggs looked the same. From the inside, there was a big difference. One was solid and in order, the other – just one big mess.
Sometimes our lives can be described the same way. We dress up the outside. We make the outside look pretty. Our appearance is attractive. But the inside is just one big mess. This is what Jesus tried to get the Pharisees to understand in Matthew 23:25.

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, You Hypocrite! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside are full of greed and self-indulgence.”

My prayer is that God will fill my heart with love and brotherly kindness, a love and compassion for people. My prayer is that God will fill my heart with patience for those who do me wrong. My prayer is that God will fill my heart with His heart!