Congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide. Growing up in Birmingham and being an Auburn Tiger all my life, rooting against the Tide has always been normal for me. We all wanted to see a great game last night, and we did. Both teams consistently exercised extreme discipline and are loaded with talent.

I’ve been a Dabo fan since I was a little guy playing baseball at Hoover Ball Park. He is a few years older than me, but his positive influence inspired hundreds of “pee wee” athletes. I loved it when my brother was on Dabo’s baseball team. Dabo Swinney acted as a coach then, trapped in a boy’s body. I was always impressed after games growing up, win or lose, how Dabo would stick around and encourage those around him. He would even sign autographs. It is amazing how many lives one person has influenced for good through the years.

How would these athletes and coaches perform on a national platform when the entire nation is watching? The answer is found in their training. Everything is a team effort. Everything reflects on the team. At times we win. At times we lose. It has been obvious throughout this season how both teams LISTEN to their coaches and EXECUTE the plan.
Who is in your circle of influence?
Who are you influencing?
Who are you being influenced by?
Listen to our Coach and Execute His plan: