Finish the Job!

If you are around me much at all, you know I like to tinker (tear up is probably more accurate) with my vehicles. Last week I had another opportunity. The temperature gauge on “The Beast” began to go haywire indicating the engine was running hot. “The Beast” is what my girls call my 200,000 mile,1999 Chevy Tahoe. The girls will barely ride in it and Jana will hardly drive it. They say it is “stinky”. I think it just has character.
I knew the culprit had to be a stuck thermostat. I knew this was something I could do myself. I bought the part. I got my wrenches ready. I raised the hood. I went to work loosening bolts and ripping out parts. I found the part that looked just like the new one still in the packaging on my hood. Feeling extremely proud of myself, I put the new part in place. I started putting bolts and screws back together. I put coolant into the radiator system and started the engine.
To my surprise, coolant started running all over the ground. My ego was shattered. I did what any self respecting shade tree mechanic would do. I called Kelly Shebs, my bona fide mechanic. Within minutes he found the problem. I forgot to reconnect the radiator hose. The easiest part of the entire procedure. Boy, did I feel dumb!!!
I forgot to finish the job. Finishing the job is important in any aspect of life. I tell my daughter who is taking finals this week to finish the job. I want her to study all the way to the end. I tell our college students when I visit them on campus to finish strong. I tell my Pre-Teens on the mission trip to finish what you start.
Our God expects the same from His children. We were put on this earth for a reason. We are here to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them. Let us not forget to finish the job. Let us not grow weary in our good works. Let us not give up and give out before the final screws have been tightened. Finish the job!