Toughness of Training

5. If you have worn a hole in the passenger floorboard attempting to brake for a 15 year old training to drive.
4. If you have gotten car sick from your 15 year old attempting to stay between the lines while training to drive.
3. If your heart rate has increased to the point that you knew you were having a heart attack due to your 15 year old training to drive.
2. If you have hollered, “Stop, I don’t want to die today!” while training your 15 year old to drive.
1. If your 15 year old, training to drive, has gotten out of the driver’s seat while the car is still in DRIVE.

If you have endured these moments of training a 15 year old to drive, you are proof that it can be done, and I might live another day.

Life is tough. Training is tough. Parents of teens are tough. Satan is tough. Do you know who is the TOUGHEST of them all? OUR GOD. He has trained some of the greatest, most faithful warriors in His army. At times, they fled. They got scared and gave up. When everyone deserted Him, He stayed and remained true to His promises.

When Whitney and I step into our vehicle as our 15 year old son is handed the keys, we sing this little song in our heads. “Be strong and courageous and do not be afraid. The Lord goes with you each and every day.”

I refuse to give up when times get tough. I refuse to give up when fear creeps into our world. I refuse to give up, because my boy is counting on dad to follow through with the training (and I’m not talking about driving a vehicle). I’m talking about the training that is necessary to receive our crown, the training that grows boys into faithful followers of Him, the training that shapes and molds leaders.

I could not be more proud of my boy for the man of God that He is becoming. I am thankful for you, and I thank you all for your love, support, and tireless efforts to help grow the Kingdom of God. Never Give Up the Training. I Timothy 4:8-16