Goodbye Sam

WOW! As soon as it started, it is now over. The summer has come and gone in a flash. It has been a tremendously successful and fruitful summer. Thanks to all of you for making this summer great for our children.
This is also the week that we say goodbye to our intern, Sam Boshell. Sam has been a huge part of why our summer has been so awesome. Sam and I talked before the summer began, and I told him that second year interns get treated different. I told him to expect a ton more responsibility and more decision making opportunities. He would have the reins for 11 weeks. Sam took the challenge head on and flourished every day. This time next year Sam will be a graduate of Harding Universtiy with a degree in Children’s Ministry. I can’t wait to see what great things God has in store for this fine young man. Thank you Sam for using your talents to glorify God through the RCOC Children’s Ministry!!

A Note From Sam
I would like to thank Riverchase for the opportunity that you have given me over the past two summers. These have been some of the best and most memorable summers that I have had and I am so thankful for all of the fun times and the relationships that I have made. You have helped prepare me in so many ways for a career in ministry after my final year at school. I appreciate all of you more than you know for all of the encouragement and love shown to me. Thank you!