I’ll See You Soon

When I think about the phrase,“ I’ll see you soon”, it makes me think that I hope to see that person again. It is a sad phrase when you have to let go of someone you love and care about. But you know there is a possibility that your paths will meet again.

When Jesus died the apostles thought that he was dead and was not coming back. Some disciples had gone home and others went back to their old jobs. They had forgotten what Jesus told them, that he was coming back in three days.

When the apostles saw Jesus ascending into heaven they were astounded. They had to see Jesus go again except this time there was an angel letting them know that he would return.

John says something similar in the book of Revelation. Three times Jesus says, “I’m coming soon”. I believe that Jesus’ words are meant to encourage us. He wants to let us know that we are only living here for a short while, and that he is coming soon to take us home. Now I’m out of the country, but I will see you soon.