Sin is the Problem

The prophet Micah spoke of how Israel and Judah would be punished for hypocritical worship, injustice and immorality. He also spoke of redemption. As you begin reading this small book, you will see that God is indignant. God is not pleased with his people. God is letting them know what is going to happen to them, not what may happen, but what will happen to them. Their sin is so far advanced, God says it is incurable. They are going to receive the pay for their sin: disobedience. They chose to abandon what God wanted them to do. They abandoned worship, kindness and justice the way God wanted them done. Even some of the prophets were going to receive their share of the punishment for teaching falsely to God’s people.
This seems harsh and scary, but God will give a way to get his remnant back to him. He will raise up from Bethlehem a ruler who will bring all his people back to him. We know this is Jesus.  Jesus will show us the way to the Father and he will show us the way to worship, kindness and justice. For us today we need to remember the real problem to all that is wrong with the world: sin. Sin is the problem and Jesus is the solution to that problem. The only way we are going to be accepted in the eyes of God is by doing what his son Jesus has told us to do. We need to walk in his ways and we need to live by his commands.
Micah 4:5: All the nations may walk in the name of their gods, but we will walk in the name of the Lord our God for ever and ever.