Guiding a Blind Horse

I love talking to our members at Riverchase. This week I was talking to Kelly Shebs and he gave me an idea for my article this week. He was telling me how some horse riders have to train by guiding a blind horse. They have to take care of the horse and get it ready to ride, then the rider has to take it out and guide it for some time, then bring it back safely to the barn.

Hearing about that, I thought about the kind of faith we need to have in Christ. Not necessarily a blind faith, but instead we are the blind horse. We can’t see the future, we can’t see what is ahead, but one thing we can do, is trust in Jesus. He knows what is ahead, he knows where he is guiding us. We just need to let ourselves be guided by Him.

We need to fully trust in the Lord. On this earth we have our eyes covered, we are unable to see what the future holds, just like the blind horse doesn’t see the path, but it is fully trusting on its rider. So we are unable to see the master’s eternal plan for our souls, but if we trust in his words, and if we trust him completely, we know that he will take us safely home.