Be Still and Know

I called a home phone number. No one answered and it went to voice mail. The name and voice on the voice mail was not at all who I was expecting to talk to.


I told Jane about the wrong number. She looked at it for herself. She was very kind and patient with me when she looked up from the address and said, “That’s not a home number, that’s a work number.”


The voice mail now made perfect sense.


How often do I do that? I get in such a hurry and forget to read carefully and double check.


Do you ever do that with your Bible reading? I know I have. Being in such a hurry to finish, I read to finish rather than to learn and meditate on what is being read.


“Be still and know that I am God.”


Be still. Be quiet. Be focused. Read carefully. Read carefully again and again.


Reading is hard work, just like listening. It takes focused effort to keep our mind on what we are reading or hearing.


This little incident also demonstrates the reason we should never take anyone’s word for something until we have checked it out for ourselves. Read the Bible for yourself. Make sure of everything.