Up or Down

Growing up in Mexico, I was exposed to soccer (futbol) all the time until I heard of the Cowboys, an American football team, who instead of kicking the ball would throw it.  They didn’t play with a round ball but rather an oval shaped ball. One time they put it on TV.  When it came time for the cowboys to kick a field goal, I was wondering why the kicker missed so badly, but the people were cheering. The ball went way up instead of underneath the poles. They did it again, and they won the game.  Needless to say I was confused. Was the ball supposed to go up or down? I wanted to know the rules of this game.

It is confusing for someone who is used to certain rules to find a game with the same name but with different rules. Sometimes people who visit the church might get confused as well when they find that we do things differently than their church. It is our duty to know how to explain to them why we do what we do. With time and lots of love and patience they might come to love and understand what we do. The purpose of it is for them to come to know our Lord Jesus. With so many religions out there with so many rules, we need to help our guests realize that there is only one man they need to follow and that is Jesus.