Caroling: Psalms 27: 5-7

Yesterday was my first time to go Christmas caroling. I had so much fun! My family and I felt so good after caroling that we just kept singing on our way home. This was the baby’s first time as well, and she just wanted us to keep singing.  This was a great experience for our family, to go visit our church family who want to make it to church services but for health reasons they just can’t.
It encouraged us to see so many who came to sing and spread cheer.  But what made us want to do it again were the faces of our church family members who were just so happy to see us.  They were so happy that we were there. Their tears of heartfelt love when we sang together made us so happy.
It is amazing that something so little can make a big difference in the hearts of our family.  I want to encourage you if you can bring some cheer to those who need it this year, please do so!