Signs of Quitting

[quote name=”2 Corinthians 4:1″]Therefore seeing we have this ministry, even as we obtained mercy, we faint not[/quote]

Recently I was reading about ‘the signs of quitting’; why people quit their jobs, why people quit their church, why people quit something they loved doing, but now it doesn’t hold the love it once had. So I thought this is true of things we do; work, family and church.

Here are the two most common signs: First, you’re miserable every morning. Quite simply, you dread going into work. You dread going to church. You have to force yourself to do what you have committed to do. There is no joy or pride or a sense of excitement in that activity. You are acting responsibly because you have to. Second, you’re consistently stressed, negative, and/or unhappy at work. You get anxious or unhappy just thinking about work, church or even family. You feel judged. You feel that all eyes are on you focusing on your errors and mistakes. You think twice before doing anything.

Don’t ever give up on the things that are valuable. Find excitement again. Find joy in your work. Remember why you chose that profession or that particular thing in the first place. Above all, don’t quit your Faith. I hope this verse helps you as it helps me to continue to find happiness in what I do: