Bait or No Bait

I like to fish sometimes, I haven’t done it lately, but it is something I will pick up as soon as warm weather starts again. I remember the first time I went fishing in the Tennessee River in Florence, Alabama. I love eating fish, but I’m not a fan of how to catch them. I strongly dislike worms and the way they move. I tried fishing without bait but that didn’t work. I learned that day that if I want to enjoy eating fish, I have to do what I dislike; touch those squirmy things while attempting to hook them.

That event made me think of Jesus making his disciples fishers of men. Fishing is not for everybody.Fishing will require us to do things that we are hesitant to do. If we want to be good fishermen our bait needs to be moving so as to look attractive to the fish. If we want to be fishers of men we have to be the attractive bait. We have to be moving and we have to be appealing. The way we live our lives and the way we are will attract many people to Christ. Let’s add good bait to our lives this week.