Three Statements of Joy

Three statements of joy. Two are made by an angel and one is made by the Holy Spirit. Statements that need to be in our hearts. Statements that need to direct our lives.

“He will be great in the sight of the Lord.”

Spoken by the angel Gabriel to Zechariah, father of John the baptizer. As a result he will be a joy and delight to you. Many will rejoice because of his birth. He would also have enemies and some would rejoice at his death. Not great in his own eyes. Not great in the eyes of his peers. Most of them considered him crazy. But great in the sight of the Lord. Who do we live to please?

“No word from God will ever fail.”

Spoken by the same angel to Mary, a virgin, who was told she would have a child. She was also told of her relative of whom it was said that she was unable to conceive, yet she was now six months pregnant. Everything will be exactly as God has said.

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her.”

Spoken by the Holy Spirit. The same Spirit who has made known the promises of God to us. Do you believe God and His promises? If so, you will be great in His sight.