People Want to See Jesus

[quote name=”John 12:20-21 “]Now among those who went up to worship at the feast were some Greeks. So these came to Philip, who was from Bethsaida in Galilee, and asked him, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.[/quote]

I believe that there are people today who want to see Jesus. John mentions that some Greeks wanted to see Jesus. Now these were not ordinary regular Greeks, but they were also religious. Just like the people of old, in these times people are wondering and want to know who this Jesus is. We are in an age where some children in elementary school do not know who the real Jesus is. For certain they have heard of him, but they have not seen him nor come to know him.

Sometimes we can make the mistake that in order for them to see Jesus, they have to come to church or to our church activities. Those activities do help, but if we want to inspire them to know Jesus, they need to see him in us. We can light the interest of this new population that is seeking Jesus. We cannot expect people to come to know Jesus when they do not what he looks like.

If people want to see Jesus they need to see how we live, so that when they want to know Jesus we can show them the Scriptures. The way we live our lives will help people get a second look at what the Bible says. I believe that if we live the Bible every day, more people will see Jesus and more people will get to know him and more people will be saved. We may not be able to conduct a one on one Bible study, but the way we live our lives will be one of the truer Bible studies we could ever proclaim.