Food and Water

In the west foyer of our building, we have four potted plants which make no effort to disguise their needs. When they are fed and watered they stand tall, look nice and seem to be happy. When they are not watered they droop to the floor and look unhappy. It is the same with us.

An interesting event takes place and is recorded for us in First Samuel. Saul’s army is in battle with the Philistines. Saul has given orders for the men to eat no food until sundown. Saul’s son, Jonathan, unaware of his father’s command, goes into the woods and sees honey coming up from the ground. He eats some of the honey and his eyes brighten. Even the other men can recognize the difference the food has made in his appearance and strength.

But we don’t need this reminder of our need for food and water. We know it all too well. God made us this way for a reason. The physical and spiritual are tied together. Just as our body cannot survive without food and water, our soul cannot survive without its proper food. Our souls crave God. We all recognize it craves something. But too often, we fail to recognize it is craving for God. Thus Jesus presents himself as the bread given to us from heaven and he offers us living water to completely take away our thirst.

He is the food our souls so desperately crave. He invites all of us to eat of the bread and drink the water provided us by God.