Twenty Seven Dollars

[quote name=”Luke 12:34″]For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also[/quote]

I almost teared up last Sunday night in Adventure Club. We have such a loving, caring, group of three year olds to second graders. They love the Lord and it shows in everything they do. But last Sunday night was over the top. A young brother and sister showed up with a blue dixie cup full of coins and bills. They held on to this heavy cup tight and their brilliant smiles let you know that something was up. My first reaction was that these kids had emptied their piggy banks without their parents permision. Boy, was I ever wrong. Just one question to the kids and the beans spilled. This brother and sister had spent their Saturday operating a lemonade stand in front of their house. As the story goes, they were out there for hours and hours. They did real good with their lemonade stand and for the day’s work they netted a whopping $27. (At .50 cents per cup, that would be 54 cups) Certainly, not a bad days work. But what they told me next was amazing. This brother and sister told me they had brought this cup filled with $27 to give to the orphans of Por Los Ninos.

As a kid, I can promise you $27 was a lot of money. And I can promise you that I would have had the Sears catalog down figuring out what I could buy to the penny. The last thing on my mind would have been giving all this money away towards something else like orphans. But these children get it better than me. The question is do these children get it better than you? Where do I lay my treasure? Where do you lay your treasure?

My prayer today is that the Lord will mold my heart to be just like these children. My prayer today is that He will bless this $27 to immeasurably more blessings than we can hope or imagine. My prayer today is that He will bless this brother and sister each and every day of their lives.